Solar-screen fabrics are highly engineered for interior and exterior sun control. These fabrics are woven to filter the sun rather than block it out.
A solar-screen fabric can stop enough of the sunlight to eliminate discomfort from heat, glare and damage to furnishings while still being able to see through the fabric to the outside.
Available in a wide variety of colors and weaves.


Decorative fabrics offer distinctive textures, colors and weaves in varying degrees of opacity. Decorative fabrics can help define the overall ambiance of your interior.

  • SHEER FABRICS offer complete view-through. During the day, you can see out; at night, you can see in.
  • PRIVACY FABRICS cast a soft glow of light during the day while allowing for complete privacy.


Blackout fabrics prevent light from entering a room. They can create total privacy to the outside and a design element to the interior.
These kinds of fabrics, combined with the right shade style and light control options, are useful for rooms in which video or slide show presentations are made or for any situation where a complete absence of light is desired.
Blackout fabrics are the most energy efficient fabrics.

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